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  1. on chesterwest and chester, on searching for information about planing permission to put another gate at the councel allottments at my expense,they seem to me to be saying that this is only a matter for farndon council and that they can decide the matter , is this correct. this is the first time that I have emailed you.

    1. Hello Mr Norry. Farndon Parish Council have their next meeting on Tuesday 6 Feb and your request will be discussed. Thank you

    1. Hello Mr Royden. Thank you for your comment. Our next Council meeting is on Tues 5 Jun and your question will be raised.

  2. So, it seems the B5130 into Chester will be closed near the Rake & Pikel for 2 weeks whilst they install another crossing. Recommended route is via Sibbersfeld Lane….it will be chaos, again…does the parish council have any thoughts on this. It seems that they wait until other options are already closed, and the schools have gone back to implement such disruption….

    1. Hi Sam, as a Parish Council we have not been informed officially of this closure but I have had sight of the Temporary prohibition notice which comes in to force 10 September for approximately 2 weeks. The next Parish Council meeting is Tuesday 4th September and I will raise it for discussion.

  3. Dear Farndon Parish Council,

    Yesterday I took a walk down the green lane that runs from the bottom of Quarry Hill right down to the Farndon by pass. The lane right down near the by pass is completed flooded. Someone whether it be Water Board or farmer seems to have filled the drainage ditch with soil. Why?

    There are also a number of trees that have come down in the same place blocking the footpath to walkers.

    Can the parish council investigate this please.


    1. Hi Hugh, Thanks for taking the time to get in touch … will look into this and see if we can resolve..
      Kind regards
      Claire (Parish Clerk)

    2. Hi Hugh, I raised this at our April Parish Council meeting …. a representative from Barnston Estates was present and gave assurances that they have this matter in hand. Please get back in touch if you feel the need to do so ….
      kind regards
      Claire (Parish Clerk)

  4. Hi could you tell me what opening times there are at holt cemetery by manor park home please thank you xxx

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