14 Aug – Vacancy on the Parish Council

A vacancy has arisen on the Parish Council. Please click the link below for details how to apply.


13 Aug – 20mph in Farndon

CWaC have today started a leaflet drop through all properties on roads that are proposed for 20mph. For the benefit of all Farndon residents you can read this by clicking the PROPOSAL link below. Also here you can see the ASSESSMENT result which led to the decision by CWaC.  Please read these carefully as it is not easy to understand the logic of the criteria and decision. You are invited to make comments direct to CWaC so please do so.

20mph SPEED ASSESSMENT          20mph PROPOSAL

10 Aug – Farndon Bridge – Should it be closed permanently to vehicles?

The bridge has been closed now for three weeks and the traffic situation in the village has obviously changed. Is it for the better or worse?  There is a public opinion forming in Farndon and Holt that it is for the better and that the bridge should not reopen to vehicles except buses & taxis etc. Our next council meeting is 4 September and this topic will be discussed: If you have comments or opinions then please make them known either through this website, to the Parish Clerk or to a Councillor.

19 July – Riverside footpath – Kissing gate added

A kissing gate no longer needed on the path behind the school has been relocated to the riverside.  An existing stile on the path has been removed and replaced by the gate which should make it a lot easier for walkers. The path is from the end of the board walk, along the riverside up to the A534 bypass bridge over the Dee.

C56 Bus during Bridge Repairs

16 July 09:50.  According to the Stagecoach website the diversion for the bus is as follows.  From Chester the bus will come into Farndon past the School. Turn left at the Post Office and continue along Barton rd. to the end. Turn right onto B5130.  Turn right onto A534 Wrexham rd.  Turn right into Holt and continue up to The Cross. Turn round at the Village green and drive back through Holt to Wrexham road. Continue normal route.  Wrexham to Chester is the reverse of this.   There is no mention of temporary bus stops but my interpretation is that The Farndon and Lewis’s Café stops will be out of use.  Further updates when available. No mention either of time changes but obviously they will change. To be safe be early.

Click this link to go to stagecoach.  C56 BUS DURING BRIDGE REPAIRS

Farndon Bridge to be closed for Maintenance

7th July – Please find below the latest communication from Cheshire West and Chester regarding the closure of the bridge commencing 16th July 2018 for 14 weeks.  Key point. – Temporary traffic lights will be installed at the Sibbersfield lane/A534 junction to manage the extra traffic at this busy junction.

Click the link to read the letter from CWaC    FARNDON BRIDGE REPAIRS

Farndon Parish Council Newsletter

The latest issue of the FPC newsletter is currently being distributed through your door since the 14th April. If you would like to read it online you can do so by clicking here.   April 2018 FPC Newsletter

20 July Electoral review of CWaC Ward boundaries.

The proposed changes have now been approved by Parliament and therefore will come in to force with the next local elections in May 2019. The link below opens a table which shows you the proposed Ward boundaries for CWaC, the number of councillors for each Ward and the estimated number of voters for each Ward in 2023.  This review was made to adjust the Ward sizes ensuring electoral equality in the future.