19 and 26 October – Flu Jabs

For details please CLICK HERE ->

4 April – Election nominations

To see a list of people who have submitted nominations to serve on Farndon Parish Council please click on the link below. As there were only 11 candidates for 11 positions, an election is not necessary.  Statement of Persons Nominated

17 Feb – Dog Poop

The Parish Council continue to receive lots of complaints regarding the increase in dog fouling on our Farndon pavements.  Thank you to all the dog owners who do ‘pick up’ after their pets BUT can we please ask that ALL owners do so … Not only is it unpleasant it is a health hazard.  As dog owners why not help each other out? If you see it on the pavement and you have a poop bag in your pocket, why not just pick it up.  If not then you may all be tarred with the same brush.

12 Feb 19 – Local Elections 2019

Local elections will take place this year for Chester Council and for Farndon Parish Council. If you are interested in becoming a councillor then you are invited to attend one of the briefings as detailed in this Poster. ->  Click here for briefing details.

17 Oct 18 – Public Space Protection Order – Dog Control

Please click the link to read the full order which comes into force from 20 October. CLICK HERE Basic content is , No dogs in play areas. Must pick up dog mess. plus more….

10 Sept – New PCSO for Farndon

Dear All, Due to the movement of staff within Chester LPU Farndon Ward will now be getting a named PCSO, who will also be covering Huntington, Eccleston and Doddleston Wards.  From 10/09/2018, PCSO 20372 Rachael McKevitt will be taking over from me, Jon Hurst. Rachael will be your POC with Cheshire Police and her email address is below:

During the month of September I will continue to cover the commitments I have made, which includes   Surgeries and PC meetings.I would like to thank everyone for all the support I have received over the past five and a half years that I worked out here. Best regards   Jon

23 Aug – C56 bus to change.

Information posted on the CWaC and Stagecoach websites shows that on 2 September 2018 the C56 bus will stop. It will be replaced by the 5 which now runs from Chester to Huntington.  Some services will be extended through Farndon and on to Wrexham.


Farndon Parish Council Newsletter

The latest issue of the FPC newsletter is currently being distributed through your door since the 14th April. If you would like to read it online you can do so by clicking here.   April 2018 FPC Newsletter

20 July Electoral review of CWaC Ward boundaries.

The proposed changes have now been approved by Parliament and therefore will come in to force with the next local elections in May 2019. The link below opens a table which shows you the proposed Ward boundaries for CWaC, the number of councillors for each Ward and the estimated number of voters for each Ward in 2023.  This review was made to adjust the Ward sizes ensuring electoral equality in the future.